Gotta Have Faith

Here’s a new item for my résumé: podcast sidekick. Fr. Christian Mathis hosts a podcast called “Faith Seeking Understanding” on his website, “Blessed is the Kingdom.” His sidekick was, until recently, local sports anchor Jim Wogan. When Jim stepped aside, Fr. Christian asked me to step in.

We recorded three podcast episodes a few weeks ago. The first of them was just posted on a new website called “Life at 25: Celebrating 25 Years of Faith in the Knoxville Diocese.” The silver anniversary will be celebrated following a worldwide “Year of Faith” declared by Pope Benedict. The anniversary celebration will include a diocese-wide Mass in September, 2013 at the Sevierville Events Center.

Fr. Christian and I have plans to record more podcasts next week. He has also asked me to play a role in the 25th anniversary by recording interviews with people who were there in 1988 when the Diocese of Knoxville was founded. Prior to that, East Tennessee was part of the Diocese of Nashville.

The launch of the new website coincides with the debut of Bishop Richard Stika’s Twitter account. In his first dozen tweets, he’s only mentioned the St. Louis Cardinals once; St. Louis, King of France twice; and the City of St. Louis three times.

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