Good Sam’s-aritan

Before embarking on a road trip to the Washington area, I had the oil changed in my car. As I paid for the service, the man at the counter told me they found a nail in each of my rear tires and that I would have to take the car someplace else to get the holes plugged. Needless to say, the unexpected problem messed up my plans for the day.

I rifled through the papers in my glove compartment looking for the receipt for the tires. I had purchased them at Sam’s Club two years ago. According to the brochure, they repair such damages for free for members. The woman at the tire counter confirmed that there would be no charge for the repair. However there would be a two-hour wait.

I looked for a place where I could sit down and read articles on my smartphone. Unfortunately the battery power was low. I had drained it listening to the last two hours of the Mark & Brian show. I wandered over to the display of cell phone accessories, looking at prices of chargers that were compatible with my HTC One V. It might be worth a few bucks to use the phone while I wait.

The guy working at the cell phone kiosk asked if I needed a charger for home use. I said no, I wanted to use it in the tire department. He offered to take my phone and connect it to one of the universal chargers within the kiosk. He opened a compartment that he called the lockbox and found a cord that fit my phone. He placed my phone inside the box and locked the lid.

Without a phone and without a ride home, I looked for someplace to sit. They had a TV and a futon couch set up near the front of the store as a back-to-school display. I took a seat on the futon and watched the end of “The Lorax” with the sound turned down. I don’t think I slept but my eyelids did get heavy after a while.

When the movie ended, a sales clerk came by to restart it. I took that as a cue to get up and check on my car. Since I don’t wear a watch and didn’t have my phone, I had no idea what time it was. The tire department manager told me that my car had made it to the front of the line and was currently in the service bay. I went to retrieve my phone from the lockbox.

roofing nail removed from tire When the tire manager gave me my keys, he also gave me the nail that had punctured my left rear tire. He said the nail on the right had gotten stuck in the tread but hadn’t made a hole.

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