Spied Spider

The idea of making a new Spider-Man movie seems to defy logic. Didn’t they just make one a few years ago? I looked it up. “Spider-Man” and its two sequels came out in 2002, 2004 and 2007. After watching only half of “The Amazing Spider-Man,” I can tell you that they were right to do a remake.

In the new movie, Peter Parker has a backstory that makes a lot of sense. His dad was a scientist experimenting in cross-species genetics. As he tries to learn about his father, he encounters the radioactive spider that gives him his power. In this story, his love interest is Gwen Stacy, not Mary Jane Watson. Gwen works for the scientist who was partners with Peter’s dad. Our moviegoing experience was interrupted shortly after the scientist injected himself with a potion that allowed him to grow a new arm. I suspect that something worse was about to happen.

My wife and I went to a media preview of “The Amazing Spider-Man” on Monday night. We would have seen the whole film if a thunderstorm hadn’t knocked out the electricity at the theater. When the manager on duty came into the IMAX theatre to give us an update, we could hear a rapid succession of loud thunderclaps from the storm raging outside. Regal Cinemas gave everyone free passes to see the movie again. I wonder if we should start watching it from the beginning or if we should time our arrival to coincide with the part where we left off.

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