Phoning It In

Frugalissa took a picture of my dumb phone. I met the local blogger while I was doing a remote broadcast from a new Kroger store.

Frugalissa’s name is actually Melissa Cox. I told about my interest in upgrading to a pre-paid smart phone like my friend Jennifer. I had decided to buy the phone from because I could pay for part of it with a gift card that I received from my mother for my birthday. Melissa gave me some great advice about buying gift cards at the supermarket to get double gas points.

When Melissa went into the store to shop, I sent a text message to my son that read, “I just talked to a blogger named ‘Frugalissa Finds’ who suggested buying a Droid phone from Virgin Mobile.” Less than a minute later, Frank Jr. wrote back, “She’s the one who sometimes beats you in the Metro Pulse survey.”

Text message from Frank Jr. about Frugalissa Finds I showed my son’s text message to Melissa when she returned to the lobby. That’s when she used her smart phone to take a picture of the text message on my dumb phone. Last night, I did the same thing.

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