London Bridge

When NBC’s prime-time broadcast of the Games of the XXX Olympiad is on the air, it’s already after midnight in London. The footage is several hours old when we see it on TV. A lot of sports fans have complained about the tape-delay of their favorite events, especially when they see a post on Facebook or Twitter that reveals the outcome.

Of all the Olympic events, my favorite is swimming. On Saturday and Sunday, the results of two races made headlines well before they were broadcast. Ryan Lochte took first while Michael Phelps came in fourth in the individual medley. On Sunday, France beat the USA in the freestyle relay. Unlike my Facebook friends, I didn’t mind that I already knew who won.

News stories about the events were online but so were the events themselves. I didn’t read a spoiler, I watched the races live. NBC offers live streaming of every Olympic event. I did have to enter my user name and password for my cable TV account in order to access the live feeds.

I also downloaded the NBC Olympics Live Extra app for my new smartphone. I set it up to send me a notification fifteen minutes before the big races. I watched the freestyle relay on my phone while my wife watched it on her laptop. The visual images were the same as NBC’s tape-delayed broadcast but the announcers were from an Australian telecast.

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