Froggie Went A-Courtin

About a half-dozen frogs joined me for my late-night swim on Tuesday. Yet when I returned on Wednesday night, there were none.

A series of circumstances conspired to delay my swim both days. Instead of hitting the pool before performing with Einstein Simplified on Tuesday, I swam after the show. On Wednesday, my wife and I had the opportunity to Skype with our daughter during the time that I would normally swim.

The Mountain Chorus Frogs were singing loudly when I stepped outside on Tuesday night. They gather around the perimeter of the pool, looking for some frog fellowship. Their mating calls always stop as I approach. My frog-spotting skills must have improved over the years. I grabbed a few of them before I got in the water and placed them over the fence. A couple of frogs jumped into the pool and swam to the bottom in an effort to escape from me. They don’t realize that the chlorinated water is bad for them. I swam after them, caught them and put them over the fence too.

I expected there to be just as loud a chorus of frogs when I opened the door on Wednesday night but I could hear only crickets. I guess the weather has something to do with the frogs’ behavior. It rained both days but it felt more humid on Tuesday. In fact, a fog began to rise from the water while I swam. It would be naïve of me to think that the frogs learned their lesson when I saved them from the chlorine. They’ll be back.

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