First Time for Everything

When one of my Twitter friends assumed I was at movies to see “Magic Mike,” I responded, “Are you saying I wouldn’t go see @MadeasProgram all up in here?” I had, in fact, gone to see “Madea’s Witness Protection.”

“Witness Protection” is the first Madea movie I’ve ever seen. To be honest, the only reason my wife and I even considered seeing it was because our friend Jeff Joslin has a supporting role as Lucas, one of the federal prosecutors investigating the mob. He gets some significant screen time with Tyler Perry, during the scenes that Perry is playing Brian Simmons. Perry also plays Madea and her brother Joe. This role will be a good addition to Jeff’s résumé and will help him land more parts in the future.

Jeff, who now lives in Los Angeles, came home to Knoxville for the weekend. He spread the word via Facebook that he would be at the 3:40 p.m. screening on Saturday at Regal Pinnacle Stadium 18. His girlfriend Darby Totten, who lives in New York, was there to celebrate with him, as were several other relatives and friends.

The movie has funny moments, especially during a scene between Madea and a young man (played by Romeo Miller) trying to rob her. Unfortunately most of the jokes are revealed in the trailer. It didn’t seem to bother the rest of the audience. They loved it when Madea dumped a bucket of water on a bratty teen girl and when Madea talked suggestively to a TSA agent.

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