Find New Ways to Fall Apart

One day last year I found myself giving an impromptu speech to a group of middle and high school students who were about to see a grisly slide show. The younger kids were enrolled in Dr. Al Hazari’s Forensic Chemistry Camp while the older group were at the Governor’s Schools for the Sciences and Engineering. I asked them to name their favorite forensic TV shows before Dr. Bill Bass showed them pictures of the aftermath of an explosion at an illegal fireworks factory.

The kids had no problem seeing photos of scattered human body parts. They only let out a moan when they saw a picture of a dead bunny. If I hadn’t already seen the way kids react to forensic science, I might have been surprised yesterday when I saw a web page on titled Questions Kids Ask About: The Body Farm Tennessee. The page answers basic questions like “where is the Body Farm?” and “what does it do?”

Students would be welcome but I think the audience at the next Dinner with the Bone Doctor will most likely consist of adults ready to appreciate a gourmet surf & turf meal while hearing Dr. Bass speak about death and decomposition. The semi-annual event is coming up on Monday, August 13 at Echo Bistro & Wine Bar. Dr. Bass will also offer a lecture aboard the Volunteer Princess on Tuesday, August 28. Reservations are a must for both events.

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