As luck would have it, the Washington Improv Theater is having an improv festival called Improvapalooza during the same week that I will be in D.C. for a field trip with the FBI Knoxville Citizens Academy Alumni Association. I’m glad I started reading WIT’s posts on Facebook after seeing some of their troupes perform in Frederick last month.

The teams at WIT do long-form improv, which is a different discipline than the short-form improv I do every Tuesday night with Einstein Simplified. Long-form is scene-driven and asks the audience to be a little more patient while short-form is driven by punch lines.

The world’s greatest short-form improvisers were on my DVR when I got home from Side Splitters. I set up a series recording for “Trust Us With Your Life” as soon as I knew about the new show. My wife and I loved a bit they did called “sideways scene.” The comedians are on the floor while an overhead camera makes it look like they are upright.

The set for “Trust Us With Your Life” appears to be the same one used by the BBC series “Fast and Loose.” The improvisers on that show also do “sideways scene” as illustrated by this clip:

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