All in Good Time

Before long, all four members of my family will have no-contract smartphones. I am the first to take the plunge. In the last sentence of yesterday’s post, I alluded to the fact that my HTC One V had arrived in the mail. I also purchased an Otterbox case.

For now, I’m only using the WiFi function of the phone. I’m waiting another week or two to activate the pre-paid service from Virgin Mobile. There’s no sense in paying Virgin until I get near the end of my billing cycle with Verizon.

Before I could start downloading apps or learning how to use the virtual keyboard, I had to install the screen protector that came with the Otterbox. has been a valuable resource for me. Not only do they publish an annual list of the best Android apps, they also posted the link to a video showing how to apply a screen protector using the hinge method.

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  1. Giannine says:

    This prepaid stuff is frightening territory to me. I will be interested in how that works for your family.

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