AARP-pee Dance

Apparently, the villain in “The Amazing Spider-Man” had something worse than just a rash. At the moment a power outage interrupted the screening my wife and I attended, Dr. Curt Conners was in the back of a taxi and his skin was turning green and scaly. My daughter texted me after she saw the movie on Thursday. I told her that as far I knew, all the bad guy needed was a good dermatologist. She responded that Spider-Man put Cortizone-10 in his web launcher and saved the day.

My daughter said she remembered Andrew Garfield, who played Spider-Man, from “Doctor Who.” I remember Emma Stone winning the part of Laurie on “In Search of the Partridge Family.” We agreed that Rhys Ifans, who plays Dr. Connors has come a long way since playing Spike in “Notting Hill.”

My wife and I went back to the theatre on Sunday afternoon to see the movie all the way through. Because we had already seen about half of the 136-minute film, we knew we could take bathroom breaks just before Dr. Connors left his lab to catch the cab. We had each purchased a “small” diet soda and popcorn using my AARP discount. The 32-ounce drink made me think that the AARP and Regal Cinemas could sponsor matinee screenings with intermissions that would allow viewers to use the rest room.

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