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On the Feast of Corpus Christi, Fr. Michael Woods talked about the two guest speakers at last week’s priest retreat: Allen Hunt and Matthew Kelly. Hunt is a former Methodist pastor who converted to Catholicism. Fr. Michael quoted Hunt as saying that the biggest obstacle to him becoming Catholic was the Eucharist and that his biggest joy about being Catholic is the Eucharist.

Most of the parishioners attending the 8:15 a.m. Mass at All Saints Church took Fr. Michael’s advice to heart. He suggested that we try to be a little more reverent than usual when receiving Communion. I spotted people bowing their heads more slowly. One guy genuflected. One girl’s behavior baffled me.

A young woman received both species of Communion while holding her smart phone in one hand. It was especially noticeable when she lifted the cup to her lips while the phone was in the same hand that was holding the base of the cup.

What should she have done instead? Obviously she should have left the phone in her car or in the pew. But what if she didn’t realize her mistake until she got to the front of the Communion line? I also wonder what the Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist could have done differently when she approached with the phone in hand. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Having never been to a Catholic church I dont know the protocols and such. But on a Pentecostal/ Baptist side When we did Communion it would be considered very insulting and rude if you brought anything with you.

    Just you alone, It shows your showing your true commitment and faith to him.

  2. Giannine says:

    As Extraordinary Ministers of Communion, we are told not to instruct during the Mass. That is the pastor’s job, if he deems necessary, but even he will usually do so only after the Mass. If we see something like what you have mentioned, we can let the pastor know after Mass, especially if it is habitual. The only thing we have to act on immediately, is if someone tries to leave with the Eucharist. That can NEVER be permitted.

    I truly hope the woman with the phone was simply caught without a purse or a pocket, but I suspect that is not the case. She certainly had no business going to the Precious Blood with a phone in her hand, since both species are present in the Precious Body, and then she should have received on the tongue if her hands were not free. Maybe she was just caught off guard and confused. That happens. That said, not everyone has had the benefit of a good catechesis. I think in horror of some of the things I did before I knew better!

    I see everything up there, from the truly reverent, to the sadly irreverent. I can often tell when kids are stoned out of their gourds, and when parents have pushed the gum to the sides of their mouths. I also see when someone cannot wait to receive Jesus and the thrill in their eyes when they do. I see that look in the young and the old alike. I see an entire Church family at Communion, and we are all connected, all sinners. Every last one of us is part of the Body of Christ.

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