Walter Softener

WVLT snuck a couple of things by me while I wasn’t looking. For the past month and a half, my work duties have kept me from watching Chef Walter Lambert’s daily cooking segment on the noon newscast.  Now that my schedule returning to normal, I’ve noticed that Chef Walter seems to have added a co-host named Jan Charles. She’s not on every day but she is now pictured along with Walter on the slide with the mailing address for recipe requests. A Google search revealed that Jan is known as the Thrillbilly Gourmet.

Jan’s website has been posting YouTube videos of her segments with Chef Walter. The oddly-named Blueberry Boy Bait made me curious enough to click.

WVLT has also changed their website from to The change make me wonder why they dropped the word Volunteer, since they used to heavily promote their involvement with UT Sports. The unheralded arrival of Chef Walter’s co-host makes me wonder if he is grooming his eventual replacement.

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