Three for All

The theme of Fr. Michael Woods’ homily on Trinity Sunday was individuality and unity in harmony. Like many of Fr. Michael’s homilies, it resonated with me and made me think.

Too much individualism results in selfish sins such as greed and lust. A lack of respect for the rights and liberties of the individual results in the sins of communism. The harmonic balance between the two is what makes society work. He compared it to the tension that keeps the stars, moons and planets in their places.

The mystery of the Trinity is something we can’t fully understand. The three persons in one God illustrate the perfect harmony of unity and individuality. I learned in school that Jesus promised the Holy Spirit would come after he left. I didn’t fully grasp that Jesus had to leave before the Holy Spirit would come. Otherwise his followers would continue to rely on Him in person rather than their faith in Him.

Hymn #666 in "Gather" hymnal Fr. Michael got a laugh at the end of Mass when he reacted to the cantor’s announcement that the closing hymn was number 666, “Go Make of All Disciples.” He then said we were mocking the devil by using that number.

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  1. Giannine says:

    I heard Fr. Michael’s homily on Saturday night at the Vigil Mass. It’s always fun to hear how the homilies evolve from Saturday to Sunday. I don’t know if he picked up on the 666 that night. There was also no mention of the planets and moons that I can recall, but the homily was no less spectacular,

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