Perfecting Her Stare

Father Miguel VĂ©lez was probably a little surprised that “Sister” knew who he was. She called him out when he was returning to his seat in the last row of the bleachers during a performance of “Sister Strikes Again: Late Nite Catechism 2″ in the gym at Knoxville Catholic High School. The show, which was the main event at the All Saints Adult Social on Friday night, is the sequel to the performance seen at last year’s party.

How did she recognize Fr. Miguel in his civilian clothes? The video that actress Nonie Newton-Breen and I recorded before the show might offer a hint. And by “might” I mean “certainly.”

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One Response to Perfecting Her Stare

  1. Giannine says:

    I wish we could have stayed for Sister’s second act. The first act was a lot of fun! We couldn’t come the first time she was in town. I think it was because Thomas and I were already at Notre Dame. This year we had to leave so I could finish packing and drive safely the next morning to South Bend for Thomas’ Fencing Camp there.

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