Mourning Addition

“Morning Edition’s summer road trip this year takes us to graveyards around the U.S. All summer, we’ll be visiting unusual, noteworthy or just plain intriguing places of eternal rest.” So began a series on NPR entitled “Dead Stop.” I subscribed to the podcasts and have listened to three stories so far.

My friend Lisa Burks is a gravehunter. When I spot an interesting story about cemeteries, I email it to her or post it on her Facebook wall. The latest thing that I sent her was Cynthia Moxley’s blog post about a Bloody Mary party at Knoxville’s Old Gray Cemetery. I also sent her my own blog post about the festival celebrating the grave of the inventor of the MoonPie.

Generally speaking, I am more interested in what happens to a dead person before they are buried rather than after. However, I do remember seeing a few famous graves over the years. When I was a kid, my dad would point out Alexander Hamilton’s grave at Trinity Church and Babe Ruth’s grave at Gate of Heaven Cemetery. When my grandmother visited us in California, she wanted to go to the museum at the Nixon Presidential Library, which is where Richard and Pat Nixon are buried. I’ve also been to Graceland, where Elvis is buried.

If I had a “bucket list” of other famous graves to visit, I might include Ray Goulding’s in New York or Bob Hope’s in California. I suppose someday I might want to stop by the resting place of the celebrity who died on my eighth birthday, that b—- Judy Garland.

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