Heads Carolina, Tails California

The end of an era is approaching in Los Angeles radio. Mark Thompson of the Mark & Brian Show announced that he will leave the show on August 17 after 25 years on KLOS-FM. The news broke in an interview on LARadio.com. Those who don’t subscribe to LARadio.com can read the coverage in the Orange County Register.

In the early days of their partnership, Mark and Brian would often appear together as “concerned onlookers” in various TV shows and movies, including “A Very Brady Christmas.” Mark became more interested in film-making while Brian gravitated toward comedy and improv. After retiring from the daily grind, Mark will continue acting and screenwriting. He may also look into podcasting.

I’ve kept in occasional e-mail contact with Mark over the 13 years since I worked with him and Brian. He moved to North Carolina a couple of years ago, although he didn’t talk about it publicly at the time. He would broadcast from a studio at his home, taking advantage of the three-hour time difference. I’m hopeful that I can arrange a visit with Mark in the near future.

Mark’s telecommuting is obviously reminiscent of my friend Bean, who does his half of the Kevin & Bean Show from his home in Seattle. Radio legend Rick Dees often does his L.A. morning show from his farm in Kentucky. Daily listeners to all three shows usually don’t even notice that one of the hosts is not in Los Angeles.

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