Fair Notice

The Tennessee Valley Fair is still three months away and I’m already excited about it. Sure, I’m looking forward to trying whatever new deep-fried treat they’re serving but the big news for me is that Einstein Simplified will perform at the Fair on Friday, September 14 at 8:00 p.m.

For many fair-goers, it will be their first opportunity to see our short-form comedy improv. We’ll be improvising in the Pepsi Tent while Night Ranger performs at the Homer Hamilton Amphitheater. Maybe we can make up new words to “Sister Christian” for those who wander into the wrong venue.

Last year’s Fair had barely ended when I started dropping hints to the organizers that they should book us for 2012. As you might expect in the modern age, much of our conversation consisted of direct messages on Twitter. The official invitation came a couple of months ago but the news wasn’t released until yesterday, also on Twitter.

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4 Responses to Fair Notice

  1. Barry Wallace says:

    Congratulations – gives me a good reason to come to the fair this year!

  2. Full of the awesome! :)

  3. Cassie Kiestler says:

    Here’s a link to what is suppose to be the fried “treat” for fair goers this year.


    Sounds kinda icky to me.

  4. Frank Murphy says:

    Thanks Cassie! At last year’s fair, I got a sneak preview of another deep-fried treat but I was asked not to reveal it yet. It wasn’t cereal.

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