Death-Defying Act

Most people with a programmable coffee maker will set it at night and wake up to fresh coffee. For my birthday, my wife and kids gave me a new Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew programmable coffee maker. I intend to set it in the afternoon before my nap in order to have fresh coffee before I go out for the evening.

A half-dozen cupcakes from Angelcakes in Frederick, Maryland. Madagascar Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Ganache Cream, Mint Chocolate Cookie Handmade birthday card on resume paper My kids put together a nice family gathering with Batman-themed decorations. They bought cupcakes from a bakery near them called Angelcakes. Their handmade birthday card suited me perfectly. It said “You Did It!” on the front. On the inside was a drawing of a tombstone, a less-than sign and a sketch of me with the phrase “51 and still kickin’!”

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