‘Cause it’s Kitschcraft

For the past few weeks, my friend Cheryl Burchett’s Facebook and blog posts have alluded to some upcoming big news. Her latest status update is “I don’t just LIKE it, I LOVE IT!”

Last night Cheryl was able to reveal that she is in the promo for the new TLC series “Craft Wars.” She will appear as a contestant on an episode of the series, which is hosted by Tori Spelling. One of the judges is Stephen Brown, the Glitterville guy who used to be on local TV in Knoxville.

The promo reminded me of “Cupcake Wars,” a guilty pleasure which I record every week on my DVR. Cheryl can be seen at :12 seconds into the promo saying, “It’s crazy!” Those are also her hands applying hot glue to some rulers at the end of the video.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the exciting news Frank!

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