Bird Up

A magazine called Chronogram tagged me on Facebook by mistake. They got me mixed up with a Hudson Valley bird watcher named Frank Murphy. Here’s what they posted on their Facebook page:

Follow bird-call expert Frank Murphy as he navigates the chirps and caws of the birds that call the Hudson their home. Nesting bald eagles, great blue herons, gulls, geese, and ducks will provide a family-friendly chorus to accompany you on your hike in and around the picturesque Saugerties Lighthouse.

Had I been in Saugerties over the weekend, I would have enjoyed going on the bird walk. Here in Knoxville, I am a passive bird-watcher. Lately the tree outside my kitchen window has been host to some entertaining wrens, cardinals and a hawk.

Three years ago, I spent a very entertaining Independence Day in Saugerties, watching their 4th of July parade with a family that holds a simultaneous costume party. They’ve asked when I’m coming back and if I can bring more of the Tennessee moonshine I gave them last time.

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