There’s No Page Like Home

Facebook and Twitter are great but my true online home is right here on my own domain. My blog serves as my diary. My most loyal readers are my wife and kids, who are also my best proofreaders. I often search the archives to find a photo or a recipe that is meaningful to our family. The blog also helps me keep track of my trips around the 50 states.

Although I write the blog for myself, it is always nice to see readers arrive from around the area and around the world. Today, I am extremely complimented and honored to have been voted Best Local Blogger by the readers of the Metro Pulse. Thank you for voting for me!

This is my first win in the Metro Pulse survey. I was a runner-up in 2010. This year’s runners-up are Katie Granju (mamapundit), Cynthia Moxley (Blue Streak) and Alan Sims (Stuck Inside of Knoxville).

Here’s what Metro Pulse’s David Doyle had to say about my blog:

It takes real courage to hear the music played at Mass and think, “I should blog up a brief review of my diocese’s musical choices when I get home.” Frank Murphy is a man with that kind of courage. “Radio personality slash improv comedian slash blogger” sounds more like a setup for a Thursday night sitcom than an actual person, but while Frank Murphy is indeed a real thing, some of the anecdotes he recounts in his blog read like excerpts from a life spent as a cast member of a show featuring himself. Murphy’s blog is roughly half his own exploits and half himself as a window into the entertainment world. He may not have been there himself, but after a career spent in radio stations all over the country, if it happened in showbiz, he probably has a story about it. (D.D.)

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