Sheet Cred

One of the members of the Knoxville Choral Society forgot to bring his sheet music to an important rehearsal for the group’s Spring Concerts, which were held on Saturday and Sunday. He was able to solve the problem with two iPads.

The forgetful baritone was able to quickly download a $4.99 app called For Score, which displays sheet music and allows singers and musicians to make their own marks on the page. One of the sopranos sent him a PDF file of the Duruflé Requiem from her iPad via Bluetooth. The KCS has over one hundred members, one of whom is my wife. About a dozen of the “Kasey Essers” now use iPads instead of old-fashioned paper sheet music. From the balcony of the West Hills Baptist Church, I could spot them sliding their fingers across their screens while the others turned pages during Sunday’s concert. I have a feeling that my wife is going to start saving up for an iPad to store and view her music.

During a recent trip to Northern Virginia, a family member told me about his use of an iPad to view sheet music during his gigs with The Next Big Thing. Because he plays the trombone, his hands are not available to turn the pages. He uses a Bluetooth foot pedal to do the page turning for him.

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