Zip Clip

The video of my first zipline ride at Wahoo Adrenaline Park lasts exactly one second. The forward motion of the ride caused me to accidentally hit the camera’s stop button. Because I was there for a media preview, the management offered to send me for a second ride, which I eagerly accepted.

Wahoo Adrenaline Park - Frank standing on glass panel of Mountain Dew SkyBridge Wahoo Adrenaline Park - Frank riding zipline across French Broad River There are three parts to the Adrenaline Park experience. The Mountain Dew SkyBridge has glass panels that make it look like you are walking on air. Four parallel ziplines take adventure-seekers across the French Broad River. A speedboat brings you back across the river, spinning a few 360s along the way.

Wahoo Adrenaline Park - Frank asks, "Does this harness make my butt look big?" Wahoo Adrenaline Park - Frank waiting for zipline gate to drop The harness, which is like those used in parasailing, is more comfortable than the straps at Wahoo Ziplines tree-top tour in the mountains.The ride itself is more comfortable than most roller-coasters I’ve ridden. The thrill comes from the height,  the speed, the length of the ride, and the view of the river.

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