This Is the Night

The Easter Proclamation, or Exultet, is ideally to be sung by a deacon. If not a deacon, then a priest or cantor sings the difficult piece at the start of the Easter Vigil. The plan at All Saints Church was for Fr. David Carter to sing it but he was summoned to be the master of ceremonies at Sacred Heart Cathedral. He also found out that Bishop Stika has temporarily assigned him to Our Lady of Perpetual Help in LaFollette to fill-in for an ailing Fr. Joe Campbell. Fr. Joe, a/k/a Kodiak Joe, was pictured on my blog in 2008.

With Fr. David unavailable, the staff at All Saints asked my wife to sing the Exultet with only a few days notice. She has sung it in the past, but this year she had to learn the new translation in the Roman Missal. Her voice was clear and beautiful as she chanted the nine-minute proclamation a capella. I recorded it on her Walkman and although the acoustics aren’t perfect, you can appreciate how good her voice sounds.

My wife and I both had to concentrate on our roles in the Mass and ignore the sounds of children in the congregation. When my wife sang the Exultet, the members of the assembly each held a candle. At the end of the song, they extinguished the candles. When I read the creation story from the Book of Genesis, the only lights in the church were the Paschal Candle and a small reading lamp mounted on the ambo. The darkened church might be the reason the children in the crowd were more restless.

Both audio files are posted below.

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