Scallop Effect

Avi Vieira is an audience volunteer for the Einstein Simplified game "A Day in the Life" at Side Splitters Comedy Club on April, 10, 2012. Photo by Tonya Cinnamon of Cinnamon Studios. Used by permission. Two worlds collided at Side Splitters during Tuesday night’s Einstein Simplified show. When emcee Aaron Littleton asked for an audience volunteer to describe a memorable day, Avi Vieira offered to describe her experience conducting backstage interviews for SMOMOtv at Cirque du Soleil. The rest of the troupe then acted out Avi’s day to the best of our abilities.

Photographer Tonya Cinnamon of Cinnamon Studios snapped great photos of the whole show, including our reenactment of Avi’s day. Avi has been on stage with us before. About a year ago, she and her boyfriend Dusty volunteered for the same game, “A Day in the Life.” I also remember Avi playing Animatronics back in the old days when we performed at the now-closed Patrick Sullivan’s.

We have an unusual improv gig coming up this Saturday night. The American Red Cross asked us to do a benefit performance called Treat for the Troops. Our show runs from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. at the Rocky Hill location of Bruster’s Real Ice Cream. I assume we’ll be performing outside, unless they have us doing comedy through the walk-up windows at Bruster’s. Come on by, have an ice cream and a laugh while supporting the troops.

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