Regional Philbin

It happened fast. Avi Vieira and I were recording some footage for SMOMOtv when Taz Cable said, “you’re going to go live.” Before long, we were streaming video on and talking about the results of a brainstorming meeting that had happened earlier in the afternoon. You can watch the archived broadcast below.

Avi and I host a program called “The Daily Hub,” which is seen on 25 screens (so far) at retail locations in the Smokies. In yesterday’s live feed, we revealed plans for additional shows. She will host “Avi’s All Access” and I will have a show called “Frank and Quirky.” I liked that its initials are FAQ, as in frequently asked questions.

During our “host chat,” Avi and I joked that we wished to emulate Regis and Kelly. She wants to be the Regis. I pointed out that Regis is twice as old as Kelly. Avi and I have an age difference that is about the same as Regis and Kathie Lee. When we watched the replay later, Avi said that a microphone glitch accidentally made it sound like one of her comments was censored. Watch and see what you think.

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