Not Going to Be Ignored

A brief excerpt of “I Will Follow Him” on Weekend Edition sent me straight to the Internet to hear more. NPR hadn’t changed their format to Oldies. Instead of Little Peggy March, the artist was Lady Rizo. The clip aired during an interview titled “Lowbrow Is Where It’s At.”

There are several Lady Rizo videos on YouTube. I’m mostly interested in her unusual takes on well-known songs, such as her medley of “Nature Boy” and “Billie Jean.” Some of her performance-art pieces were recorded during a cabaret show called “Our Hit Parade,” which first caught my attention two years ago. East Tennesseans may get a kick out of her cover of Dolly Parton’s “Coat of Many Colors.”

Lady Rizo’s funny version of “I Will Follow Him” starts normally but as the tension builds, it sound like she’s a crazed stalker. Here’s the video:

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