Monumental Clarity

There is a major anachronistic flaw in the movie trailer for “Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.” It shows a completed Washington Monument. On my last visit, I learned that an anti-Catholic group called the Know Nothings halted construction of the monument in 1855. It wasn’t completed until December 1884, almost 20 years after Lincoln’s death.

One of the comments I made on Twitter about the film caught the attention of Kate Reagan, the director of public relations and marketing at Lincoln Memorial University. She emailed to tell me about the new “Abraham Lincoln at the Movies” exhibit in the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum on the Harrogate campus. A year-and-a-half ago, my wife and I visited the museum to see a replica of Lincoln’s casket.

Kate suggested I record a public-affairs interview Steven Wilson, the curator of LMU’s museum. During the program, I got to gripe about the “Vampire Hunter” trailer in between my questions about Lincoln’s funeral and other bits of historical trivia. We also talked about “The Conspirator,” a movie I saw a year ago. I enjoyed the conversation and thought you might too.

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