Maxims Mezzanine

FBIKCAAA tour of Neyland Stadium - view of scoreboard FBIKCAAA tour of Neyland Stadium - view of field Inside the security command post high atop Neyland Stadium, we were told that a motion detector on the field would immediately alerts campus police if there were intruders. I wondered how many years it’s been since the Vols’ offense triggered those motion detectors. Of course that was just a joke, which I shared with a few members of the FBI Knoxville Citizens Academy Alumni Association as we returned to our cars.

FBIKCAAA tour of Neyland Stadium - Frank puts on helmet in locker room - photo by Stacie Bohanan FBIKCAAA tour of Neyland Stadium - showers FBIKCAAA tour of Neyland Stadium - view of Ayres Hall and Sunsphere There was a torrential rainstorm when we arrived at the stadium for our 6:00 p.m. tour. Fortunately, most of the tour was indoors. We saw the Lauricella Center for Letter Winners, the Vols locker room, the University president’s box, the press box, the luxury boxes on the Terrace level and the command post. The locker room had a display of UT gear and an assortment of pro jerseys representing Vols who played in the NFL. When we went outside, I learned that the famous checkerboard pattern in the end zone comes from the checkerboard bricks near the top of Ayres Hall.

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