Little Pole Peeps®

Marshmallow Peeps® Rainbow Pop in 2012 Easter basket If a Marshmallow Peeps® Rainbow Pop was a diorama, it would be a horrific scene of impalement. I got one of the Pops in the Easter basket my wife and I shared. The yellow, green, pink and blue chicks are slightly smaller than regular Peeps® and they are coated on all sides with sugar, unlike the chicks that are ripped apart from their brethren in a row of five and have a white wound to show for it.

The Washington Post sponsors one of the better-known Peeps® diorama contests each Easter. This year, I especially liked the representation of Lincoln’s assassination and Mount Peepmore. In nearby Fairfax, my alma mater, George Mason University, held its own Peeps® diorama contest. The winner was a Star Trek display.

The Peeps® website lists 23 different art contests around the nation. I noticed that all of the entry deadlines were before Easter, except one. The Episcopal Diocese of Maryland made its deadline April 16, which lets you wait until after Lent. Plus, after Easter you can buy Peeps® at a discount.

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