Working for the Weekend

Somewhere in my consciousness is the memory of a “seven-day weather pattern.” I don’t recall which TV weatherman talked about it or where I was living at the time. Regardless of the details, I want for the pattern to be real this week. The weather in Knoxville was great yesterday. I hope and pray that it’s just as good on Sunday, April 1st for the Kids Helping Kids Fun Walk.

We had a site meeting yesterday at Knoxville Catholic High School. As we enjoyed the sunshine and comfortable temperature, I thought how nobody would have wanted to schedule the Walk for March 25. In fact, we were worried that April 1 was too early when we had to pick a date. The date for the Walk varies each year because of Easter and because of the Spring break schedules of both the public and parochial schools. Last year we moved the Walk from May to April in order to get on the Star 102.1 promotional calendar.

Earlier in the day, I spoke at the end of the 8:30 and 10:30 a.m. Masses at St. John Neumann parish. Monsignor Garrity allowed me to promote the Kids Walk and announce that I would be outside after Mass to distribute brochures. One parishioner introduced herself to me. I recognized her name as a local advertising executive. She thanked me for supporting Columbus Home and said that she had seen the Kids Walk PSA on WBIR.

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