Ten, I See

March 27, 2002 was Wednesday of Holy Week. It was also the first day of my on-air audition in Knoxville. Over the weekend, I was reminded of my ten-year anniversary by the program director who hired me. My wife and I happened to run into Shane Cox and his wife at the store on Sunday and he congratulated me on ten years in Knoxville. I’m glad he recognized me, since I don’t look the same as I did back then.

On the night before my audition, I walked from my hotel on Summit Hill to Manhattan’s in the Old City. Before I left Burbank, I had searched online for any improv groups in Knoxville and discovered Einstein Simplified. I couldn’t have predicted that I would be performing with them on that same stage three months later.

In 2003, Frank fit 15 Marshmallow Peeps in his mouth, surpassing the personal best set during his on-air audition in 2002 I was on the air with Phil Williams on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. I remember two of the segments distinctly. There were three celebrity deaths that week, which is probably why we called Death Pool Dave to get his reaction. I found out later that the interview helped them decide to hire me. On Holy Thursday, Phil picked me up at the hotel and we went to a 24-hour supermarket. We bought Marshmallow Peeps so I could see how many fit in my mouth. We repeated the bit a year later and I surpassed my personal best.

I think I'm in the middle of Gower Street (photo by Pam Baker) I flew back to Burbank in time to attend the Mass of the Lord’s Supper at St. Finbar Church. I was one of the parishioners who had their feet washed during the ceremony. In the days that followed, my friend Pam Baker suggested that I wear my new sweatshirt in front of Hollywood landmarks and pose for pictures for the station’s website.

Tina Wesson of "Survivor 2" on my first day on the air in Knoxville By the end of April, I had moved to Knoxville. I had a week or two to get acclimated before my first broadcast, which was a remote from West Town Mall during the station’s “Hands on a Harley” contest. I was thrilled that “Survivor” winner Tina Wesson came to the mall for an interview.

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