Almost all the passengers had already boarded the Megabus. My two kids were aboard as were several Karen students who now live in Smyrna, Tennessee. The students had arrived in a Rutherford County Schools bus. My wife wanted to wait until the Megabus left. We sat across the street in our car, which is how I had the chance to ask the Rutherford County driver about his group.

Stephen A. Burroughs briefly parked his SUV behind the Megabus to unload his luggage A few minutes later, a fully-wrapped SUV pulled up behind the Megabus. The name and face served to advertise local attorney Stephen A. Burroughs. At that same moment, a KAT bus plastered with a giant Burroughs ad drove past. I shouldn’t have been surprised when Burroughs himself stepped out of the SUV, yet I was. His passenger walked to the bus and he carried her luggage. Burroughs drove away but before long I saw him walking back to the bus. He saw me looking and said he was headed to D.C. for a quick trip.

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