St. Pat, Nick’s Day

185 Santas walk into a bar. The bartender says I can’t serve 185 Santas and the 185 Santas say…

The joke could become a reality in Gatlinburg next week. ClausFest 2012 will bring hundreds of Santas to the Smoky Mountains for a convention that runs Sunday through Wednesday. The festivities actually kick-off a day earlier with a Santa Parade at 4:00 p.m. Saturday on the Parkway. Except for the parade and a fashion show on Tuesday, the gathering is closed to the public.

After a year without a Santa Claus convention, the event returns to Gatlinburg as a sign of good faith. The new organizers paid their bills up front, to make up for the embarrassment of 2010.

Oh yeah, some punchlines…

What are you, Claustrophobic?

Who do you think we are? Subordinate Clauses?

Too bad! We were gonna get Blitzened and make it rain, dear.

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