Sphygmomanometer Significance

Dollywood officially opens for the season today after a preview day for season pass holders yesterday. On Wednesday, they allowed local radio personalities to ride the new Wild Eagle, the first wing coaster to open in America. A similar ride will open at Six Flags Great America in May.

As I mentioned the other day, Dollywood’s public relations department mounted a camera on Wild Eagle’s front seat and had the deejays ride in the second row. Star 102.1 posted two of the videos on YouTube, including one of Dave Fennell and me on the new coaster.

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2 Responses to Sphygmomanometer Significance

  1. tonya c. says:

    that’s a good thought with the car keys falling and hitting someones head. Imagine a Iphone whacking someones head if it fell from that height 0_0

  2. Giannine says:

    kewl!! I’m going to Dollywood with Angeline’s H Physics class tomorrow for a lab!

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