Shopping Lister

A clerk at a Walmart in St. Louis was changing an end-cap display from one item to another as I walked by. It caught my eye and I bought some store-brand whitening mouthwash on a whim. I’ve used it almost every day since. When I ran out, my wife bought a similar product at a Target in Knoxville. I thought it was odd that, except for the labels, the two plastic bottles are identical. They have the same caps and the same grooves on each side. Most importantly, the ingredients are the same.

I mentioned the mouthwash in a conversation with two people at work yesterday. We were talking about how there isn’t always time to wear a whitening strip. Or more likely, it’s easy to forget to wear one when there is time. I drove all the way to Sevierville on Saturday with a strip in my pocket that I forgot to apply. One of the sales guys agreed and pointed out that the hydrogen peroxide in the mouthwash helps to heal the little sores that come from biting a cheek or burning a tastebud.

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