Sat Down Beside Her

If no one but my children read my blog, it would be absolutely fine with me. I consider myself fortunate that my two kids are my two most faithful readers. They are usually the first to notice a typo or other glitch and let me know. For example, my daughter found a broken hyperlink in Tuesday’s post that I was able to fix as soon as I got home from work.

Yesterday, she sent an email that cracked me up. The subject line was “Google knows you well…” The message read: “I was browsing your blog when along came a spider… see attached.” The attachment was a screen capture of my website with a very bizarre Google Ad displayed.

The image in the ad could also be a scorpion with a human skull. Or maybe it’s a locust. Either way, I’ve hit “refresh” a dozen times hoping to see the ad myself. I’m curious to know what it’s advertising. I still haven’t seen it because the ads I’m getting are geared toward my local area. Since my daughter lives near our nation’s capital, perhaps the ad is for whichever political party you currently oppose.

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2 Responses to Sat Down Beside Her

  1. Rob Salzar says:

    Here’s the attached link to your spider thingy.

  2. Frank Murphy says:

    Rob, thanks for the link!

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