Hawking Heads

Hawk rests on back deck in May of 2011 The hawks and I peacefully coexist. In fact, I enjoy seeing them in my backyard. Last year my son snapped a photo of one of the hawks on our back deck. They probably eat mice or chipmunks, which makes them helpful to have around. The birds may even go after the nice little rabbits who live in my yard or the frogs who live on my pool cover. The Mountain Chorus Frogs are as loud as ever this year, so I doubt that there are any fewer of them.

WBIR ran a story last week about some people in Sequoyah Hills who are not happy with the red-shouldered hawks in their neighborhood. At first I assumed that the people must have owned small dogs that enticed the hawks. However, the hawk swooped down on one of the human residents and hit him in the back of the head. Experts say the bird was just protecting its territory. Either that or his hair looked like a squirrel.

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