Facial Hair Recognition

Why do men grow beards? A new study says that women don’t find beards attractive. I read the news in an article that Perry Simon shared on AllAccess.com. People perceive bearded men as looking older. People from my past sometimes comment that I look the same. I think it’s that I looked older when I was younger and that I now look my age.

Perry commented that he’s always been clean-shaven and had very little luck with the ladies before getting married. I grew a beard in college and also had very little luck with the ladies before marrying a lovely woman who said she liked men with beards. Except for a two-day fling with a goatee, I’ve had a full beard ever since.

When I grew the beard, I felt comfortable hiding behind it. I was also hiding behind eyeglasses and bad hairstyle. The makeover I received from the Knoxville News Sentinel in 2007 changed the way I felt about myself, although I did refuse to shave my beard when asked. Without the makeover, I wouldn’t have the confidence to do the video projects I’ve been working on lately. Of course, one could make the argument that I’m now hiding behind hair gel, bronzer and whitening mouthwash instead.

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