Batkini Traffic School

Frank & Jere sitting in the original Batmobile at Barris Kustom Industries The original Batmobile is in one of the family photos that my daughter and son used to decorate the tables at my wife’s surprise party. While working at Power 106, I had the opportunity to meet and interview George Barris, who created an astonishing array of custom vehicles for TV and movies. He had just restored Batmobile #1 from the TV series. There were others that were used for stunts and promotional appearances. The interview went well and George invited me to come back to his North Hollywood showroom with my family. We timed the return visit to occur while my friend and former WAVA colleague Janet Elliott was in town.

A popular new video on YouTube shows a drag race between two replica Batmobiles. One looks like the 1966 classic and the other is a copy of the car Michael Keaton drove in the 1989 movie. Marisha Ray, who bears a resemblance to Poison Ivy and may have an affinity for Dexter Morgan, hosts the debate between two comic-book fans. She sides with the 1989 Batmobile and makes a bet with the fan of the 1966 version. The loser has to wash the winning car while wearing a bikini.

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3 Responses to Batkini Traffic School

  1. Rob Salzar says:

    Not sure which Batmobile they are testing. The original Batmobile started out life as the 1955 Lincoln Futura. This was a concept car for Lincoln (body by Ghia, I think) with obvious futuristic features. It was next seen in iis intact form in the movie “It Started with a Kiss”. With a modified paint-job and a few glue-ons, it became the Batmobile.

    So…I guess I answered my question. The tested Batmobile is NOT this car, since the mechanic in the video states that it’s on a Corvette frame. No Lincoln (Ford) would ever be on a Corvette (GM) frame!!! He is correct in that the original Futura’s engine was rated at 330HP.

    A better question is where this original car currently is?

  2. tonya c. says:

    Wow frank, you and your wife were adorable back then.”:)
    She has aged even more beautiful …(not saying it in a creepy way ) lol

    Love the bat mobile! :)

  3. Frank Murphy says:

    Hey Rob,

    The website might have some of the answers you seek. They built a few cars for the original series, each for its own purpose.

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