Barnum Bash - Dmytrio prepares to be run over The camels, horses, dogs and elephants had it easy compared to strongman Dmytrio Khaladzhy. The circus animals did a few tricks and got treats. I didn’t see Dmytrio receive anything after he bent rebar,  juggled weights or after they drove a car over him at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Presents Barnum Bash. They could have had the Ringlettes toss him a bon-bon or two.

Barnum Bash - horses and camels Barnum Bash - elephant act Barnum Bash - elephant act The animals trained by Brett and Cathy Carden were my favorite part of the show. A father and son comedy act was also great. Anton and Victor Franke played a ringmaster and over-zealous audience member. In the past, I would have expected to see an act like theirs done in full clown garb. Instead, they wore tuxedos and no makeup.

Barnum Bash - festooned My wife purchased four circus tickets in a silent auction at St. Joseph School. We used two and gave the other pair to a friend who is on Twitter as @FranksNeighbor. At the end of the show they fired confetti into the audience. When a little bit of it landed on my head, I grabbed the streamers that landed on my wife and our neighbor for a photo op.

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