A to Z in the USA

A St. Louis real estate agent emailed me about a journalist moving from Los Angeles to Knoxville. I’ve known Bruce Butler, the real estate agent selling Aunt Dee’s condo, since the days when he worked for a radio syndication company in L.A. He wrote to me to say that he had a St. Louis friend whose daughter had graduated from the University of Southern California and was moving to Knoxville to start a new job at the ABC affiliate. He asked if I could suggest any places downtown where she might want to live.

I was reminded of a loft-warming party my wife and I attended several years ago. Larsen Jay had moved into the then-new Sterchi Lofts. One of the other guests was Larsen’s future wife, Adrian MacLean, who was a reporter for WATE. They had only just met a few days earlier when Adrian did a live shot from the grand opening of the Sterchi Lofts.

A couple of weeks after receiving Bruce Butler’s email, I got an email from Alexis Zotos, immediately followed by a notification from Twitter that she was now following me. Alexis wrote that she was getting settled in her new place and her new job at WATE. As it turned out, she chose not to live downtown. She’d found a place near where some of the other reporters lived.

I followed her back on Twitter, which is how I knew to keep an eye out for her report on Ole Smoky Moonshine during last week’s “6 Around Town” episode on East Tennessee History. Having lived in California and being familiar with Ole Smoky, I was amused by the thought of what Alexis’ SoCal friends must have thought.

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