Your Dollar Buys More

The signs for Schnucks supermarkets make me chuckle every time I visit St. Louis. The name reminds me of the Yiddish term schnook, which is a gullible person.

According to a recent article in Supermarket News, Schnucks says more men are doing the grocery shopping than five years ago. I’m one of those people. Over the past five years, I have assumed the responsibility for all the grocery shopping in my family and I love doing it. Most of the time, I’m only shopping for two people, which isn’t that difficult.

The process of food shopping is the modern equivalent of hunting and gathering. I have learned to spot bargains, especially on poultry and produce, which I buy every week. My latest discovery is that local supermarkets are selling cored pineapples for the same price as whole pineapples. Now I can enjoy one of my favorite fruits without the messy process of cutting off the rind.

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