The Long and the Short of It

Einstein Simplified performs at Gatlinburg Improv Fest - 2/25/12 The performances at Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre during the second day of the Gatlinburg Improv Fest were very different from each other. The student-group Shenanigans used a theatrical style that included blackouts at the end of each scene. Obv-prov performed a long-form game known as a Harold. The group I’m in, Einstein Simplified, did short form comedy improv, sometimes referred to as “barprov.”

I was very impressed with Shenanigans, which consists of students from Lee University. They did a long-form scene that they called “Spork River,” in which each actor established a distinct character and a relationship to their fellow characters. Their coach, Dan Buck, is also a member of Obv-prov.

Before their Harold, Obv-prov did a game that generated a movie title and slugline followed by a scene from the imaginary film. To make it more interesting, two improvisers had to speak simultaneously to create the movie titles. Two other improvisers had to speak one word at a time to say the slugline. The remaining two had to act out a scene. They repeated the process several times, shuffling the pairings each time.

Einstein Simplified performs at Gatlinburg Improv Fest - 2/25/12 Einstein Simplified had the last show on Friday night. We perform again today, starting at 6:30 p.m. In a game called Rewind, Paul Simmons and Dave Fennell were fishing. I swam through as the fish they hooked. We repeated the scene twice, using different styles: science fiction and vaudeville.

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