Take Your Valentine to Work Day

When Valerie Day, the CEO of Haven House, asked if Einstein Simplified could perform at the event she was planning, we couldn’t say no. By adding two part-time troupe members, we were able to field a team of five improvisers at Side Splitters for our regular gig and five more at the Capitol Theatre for “My Funny Valentine” to benefit Haven House.

Because it fell on St. Valentine’s Day, Valerie said we could bring our wives to the party. I knew that it would make for an odd date night since I would be on stage and my wife would be at the table but she was okay with it. Besides, we got to enjoy a delicious prime-rib dinner and my wife bought some raffle tickets to support the cause.

I did not anticipate that I would get drafted to make some announcements and to be the auctioneer. I was happy to help, since it raised another $1,400 for Haven House. One person bid $400 to have lunch with Blount County Mayor Ed Mitchell. Another person bid $1,000 to be the personal guest of a family that has reservations to stay in the lodge atop Mount LeConte.

I wore a third hat as a correspondent for SMOMOtv. When I arrived, Taz Cable had our new mobile unit set up outside the theater. He interviewed several guests and participants, including Dave Fennell and Greg Huff of Einstein Simplified. Taz had me interview Valerie Day about Haven House. The footage will be online later today at SMOMOtv.com.

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