Screwy, Ballyhooey

American Idol Reviving Salts Hollywood week is my favorite part of “American Idol.” To me, the early auditions drag on too long and Hollywood week doesn’t get enough air time. This year, Fox is promising “the most intense Hollywood week in the history of ‘American Idol.’ A quick look at the footage reveals fainting spells, dramatic falls, frayed nerves, ambulance rides, and agonizing tension… and that’s just scratching the surface.” The previous quote accompanied a bottle of Reviving Salts that I received in the mail yesterday. Are they for the bathtub?

I’m pretty sure that I wasn’t the only person who replayed in slow-motion the unfortunate fall off the stage by Symone Black at the end of last night’s episode. Rather than assure us that she was okay, “Idol” turned her accident into a cliffhanger for tonight’s episode.

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