Go for Purser

Kaihla Dailey introduced us to a new improv game last night at the Riverside Business & Events Center. “What’s in Your Purse” is a game that she played at the Ventura Improv Company in California.

The setup is fairly simple. Put two chairs on stage and then get two women in the audience to surrender their purses. Two improvisers sit with the purses in their lap and dig in. They base their characters on things they find in the purses. Dave Fennell and I played the game last night. He found sunglasses and lip gloss. I found reading glasses (a/k/a cheaters) and two types of headache medicine.

Kaihla and I plan to play “What’s in Your Purse” again on Tuesday. It will be an unusual night because half the troupe (Brad Bumgardner, Roy De La Rosa, Mike Richardson, Paul Simmons, Dave Snow)  will be at Side Splitters , which is offering a special $40 buffet package for Valentine’s Day. The rest of us (Kaihla Dailey, Dave Fennell, Greg Huff, Aaron Littleton, Frank Murphy) will be performing at the Capitol Theatre in Maryville for a charity event called “My Funny Valentine” that benefits Haven House.

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