Bronze Age

Various bronzers at Walmart Avi Vieira’s advice to me was, “Unless you become a bronzer addict, you’ll be okay with a less expensive brand.” After almost a year of shooting video with various incarnations of SMOMOtv, I finally bought some makeup.

When I started as a correspondent for Smoky Mountain Morning, my segments were shot outside in natural light. For the new phase that debuts on March 1, Avi and I have been shooting segments in front of a studio green screen, under some very bright lights. Standing next to her, I looked pale. That is, until she brushed some of her Bronze Booster on my face.

The next day, I texted Avi to ask what products I should buy. She said the expensive bronzers were beneficial for daily use. However, I can get by with something more affordable. She instructed me to also buy a powder brush or kabuki brush, which are bigger than the ones that come with the makeup.

Walmart's sanitizing wipes or paper towels? I had just placed all this in my shopping cart at Walmart when I happened to see Dr. Bill Bass. I explained why I was buying makeup. Meanwhile the bone doctor was on his way to buy milk. He should know what make bones strong. By the way, it appears my local Walmart is using paper towels as “sanitary wipes” for their shopping carts.

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