Say Good Night

Burns and Allen might be the reason I didn’t sleep well the other night. Or maybe it was Hazel. My wife and I fell asleep with the TV on while we were staying at Aunt Dee’s condo in St. Louis over the weekend. At one point I woke up and heard Gracie Allen’s voice. A little later, the strident voice of Shirley Booth woke me again. In a weird way, I’m a little bummed that I didn’t wake up during “The Jack Benny Program.”

The classic sitcoms air on channel 2.2, which we watched using the digital converter box that we bought for the condo a few years ago. The local Fox affiliate fills its secondary channel with programming from a network called Antenna TV. It would be great if a Knoxville station became an Antenna TV affiliate. I can say that because there’s no TV in my bedroom.

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